Nike is a sporting event this year published a revolutionary national team, before the date of publishing activities in New York world, Nike announced to help athletes to achieve the best performance in the sports arena of modern sports clothing. After years of scientific research, the new equipment will help athletes perform well. The uniforms in each field have the same goals: body temperature regulation, rapid perspiration, good ventilation, and free movement. In addition, it highlights national glory - in design detail, showing the cultural and sporting enthusiasm of every nation. covers Nike basketball, football and track and field sports shirts of the national team shows that Nike advocated the new "systematic performance" concept, also emphasizes the design concept of Nike designed for the movement of the body to create a whole system of equipment. This summer, these professional clothing will appear in more than 20 sports and more than 20 national team athletes. In the future, this set of integrated sports equipment will be available to all athletes in all sports events. football Nike's latest global soccer equipment includes the Nike Ae cheap jordan shoes for men roSwift, Nike Vapor jerseys, Nike Mercurial Lightspeed, protective leg sets, NikeGrip socks and high-performance soccer shoes. 'systematic sports performance' system began with the new Nike AeroSwift technology. The shirt and shorts innovative lightweight breathable yarn by high performance and weight than the previous shirt is reduced by 10%, fast drying rate increased by 25%, the ductility increased 50%. The New Jersey uses a combination of single and double weave methods to bring cool wear to athletes in the most easily heated parts of the body. The jerseys also feature striking colors and symbolize the traditional logo of the country where the athlete is located. This is more light, cool and wear the Jersey to help players devoted to the game. The Nike Mercurial Lightspeed protective leg is also designed to completely eliminate interference. A new leg can Leggings board design, personal preferences and athletes with different shapes and sizes and collocation to wear socks. NikeGrip socks with its two slip surface features, while micro fiber socks and medial Nike Vapor line Mercurial shoes common collocation, therefore, this pair of shoes to Retro jordans for sale wear as a leg extension in the arena for athletes can bring excellent comfort. basketball uses AeroSwift technology's Nike Vapor basketball suit and pants, with accurate manufacturing process, can bring more locking, each step is more efficient. set of uniforms including optional armguards, filled with tights and seven long Dri-FIT tight. socks elements, so that each shoe does not appear the same style, and the Puma Blaze Of Glory recently set shoes to be extended, with elastic collar Blaze Of Glory Sock Fresh, Trinomic the original contour and keep streamlined soles, but quietly pulled the body of the shoe, and the use of more breathable the nylon cloth, loading impressive heel support system, covering not only in walking feet to force strong, with more beautiful neat lines. The Puma Blaze Of Glory Sock Fresh is currently on sale in the UK and is priced at 75. source: EU Kicks remember how you liked this player at the beginning? is a make you greatly Play or is he a person Carry the arrogant style? (pictures from a Japanese husband: here) The J-CON jerseys Expo and bazaar will be held in June 7th at the three National Center for na Retro jordans for sale tional sports. With the depth of the exhibits through widely, from shirts, shoes, doll picture posters and ticket stubs, restart your blood collecting switch. apart from the exhibition, market activity is many heavy units Gongxiangshengju: have hundreds of thousands of fans, the official NBA DV basketball socks brand STANCE, the best shoes Market sponsor K-Pals will meet with you at the scene! In addition, J-CON also invited to Rabbitfoot CO, Club, Design and other excellent stunning well-known Internet sellers, and a total of 35 booths of many individual collectors to participate in market activities, from the hat, doll shirt and shoes as well as to all kinds of sports merchandise is absolutely worthy of your site to Goods are available in all varieties., digging up treasure! asked a lot of friends in the activities of single fare, the fare is 60 yuan, but we really want to see you with friends Gongxiangshengju, two more than 50 yuan each! Hurry up and empty your time. Let's ask some friends to join us in June 7th! information ) ticket price: 60 yuan more than two leaflets, with the purchase of 50 yuan for each Nike PG1 "Elements" for the f cheap jordans for sale irst time in the early Internet exposure has aroused no small volume light is firstly discussed, in the green / orange color combination is enough (and reverie), when striking users will have speculated that it was not with the Undefeated to a cooperation? Although it seems that non - joint style should be decided, this pair of 'Elements' is still looking forward to seeing real shoes. For signature shoes Paul George in addition to the requirements of performance, past interviews also mentioned he pays much attention to the material presentation and collocation, so that PG1 has a rich tone, the 'Elements' use of suede material stitching net surface, echoing the Cukuang tone to the sense of the details can be found in a shoe pad; change the most previous styles for handwritten signature handwriting set, followed by the pull ring seems to be printed with the latitude and longitude of the data, Nike laser on the "Prototype" color of the shoes side into the Paul George code and the growth experience, what is the story in which? Expect official information to be declassified for us. Nike PG1 "Elements" America scheduled June 16th sale, price 110 dollars cheap jordans for sale mens , Taiwan if there is a sale will be listed on the news public information you share with source: Nike / Sneaker NewsPUMA will celebrate its classic PUMA Suede on 45th anniversary this year to mark this landmark milestone, with the launch of a worldwide limited 450 Suede Sapphire. The shoes are of special color, with 45th Anniversary on behalf of the sapphire sapphire as the design thought, and will be limited globally in November 8, 2013. (Suede Sapphire recommends price NT$8980; Taiwan only sells 23 pairs) PUMA Suede Sapphire for the whole manufacturing in Japan, inherited the classic suede material technology combined with the design of Japanese shoemaker delicate, soft and comfortable use of calf leather shoes, the heel is through precision laser cutting into the "Sapphire" logo, the tongue of PUMA below Logo is engraved with the symbol of the early use of reclamation hoes and shovels the. All the shoes before completion, the tongue will re printed on the back of a special "made in Japan" to create the world's 450 exquisite leather badge, double limit Suede Sapphire. In addition, each pair of Suede Sapphire comes with a leather material to cr Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping eate exclusive shoe bag, color sapphire color design with the same shoes, let Suede Sapphire more Collectible value. "Suede is classic and historic for PUMA," says Adam Petrick, global brand director at PUMA. In this 45th Anniversary milestone, we have created the Global Limited commemorative shoes -Suede Sapphire through the most exquisite and professional design in japan. Both in the shoe material selection and sapphire color design, have unique meaning. "We can say that the PUMA SUEDE records all the historical stories of PUMA, from sports to street culture. 45 years later today, PUMA SUEDE has hundreds of color designs and millions of double sales. So far, PUMA SUEDE sports shoes in history is still brilliant, it changed a lot of rules, breaking many myths, whether in the past or future, PUMA SUEDE will always be the most classic of the immortal legend of the history of sports shoes. outlet: eco ONLY address: two at Emei Emei Wanhua District Taipei street, No. 7 Tel: Heng Horie ONLY Juice address: Dunhua Road, East adidas UltraBOOST version 3 was launched in 2017, and the recent brand officially launched the popular "Triple Black" color, cheap foamposites the news so many shoes fans eagerly look forward to for a long time. The Adidas UltraBOOST 3 "Triple Black" and the previous difference in the flagship brand BOOST midsole with a black, a shoe body, in the end, the iconic stabilizer is made by black, is truly a black. in BOOST in the end after the advent of technology, almost uniform is white to appear in front of everybody, until last year with the color technology breakthrough ushered in Color BOOST, make the appearance more rich and colorful, add more different combinations to series of shoes,. Adidas UltraBOOST 3 "Triple Black" abroad will be officially released on March 1st, priced at $200, interested investigators may wish to take the opportunity to experience the charm of Ultra Boost lies. It is reported that Taiwan is also on sale plan, if there is further information we will update on station listing report. source: adidas / Sneaker Newsadidas is the Portland Blazers headed guard Damian Lillard third zoom DAME 3 launch 'FLORIST CITY' and 'LIGHTS OUT' two new color, respectively, into the effectiveness of team city characteristics and Damian Lillard personal traits match, two pairs of Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping boots this week after the listing in Taiwan, let the fans have more support in his shoes a new choice. adids DAME 3 'FLORIST CITY' is Portland's most famous nickname "Rose City", Adidas as design inspiration, will this city respect into a series of equipment, by DAME 3 'FLORIST CITY' (3690 yuan), DAME FLORAL JER Kit ($2690) and DAME FLRL. SHOR (1690 yuan), the synthesis of FLORIST PACK, a riot of colour pattern with roses and shoes, Jersey, black shorts collocation and main color, color blooming City, to create a strong atmosphere of spring. Adidas FLORIST PACK series, Taiwan, May 5th, from the designated store debut. adidas DAME 3 "FLORIST CITY" with purple Bounce, wine red and pink tone, the insole is also covered with roses and totem, mark Daman Lillard basketball career is the most important of the three city of OAKLAND, OGDEN, OREGON, expressed his love for the city of roses! adids DAME 3 'LIGHTS OUT'To celebrate Damian Lillard to become the NBA's tenth completed 8000 points and 2000 assists in the first 5 seasons of the players, Adidas also launched a special unique "LIGHTS OUT" color to pay tribute to him. Adids DAME 3 "LIGHTS OUT" Taiw Cheap air jordans for sale an, May 3rd from the designated store debut. scored 51 points, 0.9 seconds lore moments all in this pair of shoes, the black symbol he let a situation difficult, conspicuous printed on Dame exclusive tongue logo, and geometric lines of stitching outsole, inspired by his milk box for his transformation the basket; breathable mesh fabric, breathable and comfortable to wear light sensitive experience. A black shoe body showed Damian Lillard critical moment over the war killer character, let the opponent shiver all over though not cold. Nike '2015, New, City, York' all star series, LeBron 12, KD 7 and Kyrie 1 will be sold at a particular store tomorrow. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. wise basketball concept store a hang Reagan - Reagen Fucheng Sports Goods Co.,[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to CNNMoney reported that Adidas wants to make will never be thrown away soccer shoes. 24, the world's second-largest sportswear manufacturer Adidas announced its new "un cheap jordans online limited movement" research project. Under the project, it will use not wear Adidas soccer shoes, combined with fragmentary material from other industries, to create a new soccer shoes. 6 months, Adidas started this project, an effort to "unlimited recycling" concept into practice. The goal is to eliminate waste at the same time, able to give the customer what they want the new soccer shoes. In a statement, Adidas said, "The future of football boots may contain from aircraft manufactured using carbon fiber to scrap boots contained in each of the constituent elements in the World Cup." The new soccer shoes used a special "3D super material." Because the production process is not used in new shoes adhesive, it can be assembled again and again, to meet the needs of the wearer, to achieve a greater degree of private order. Adidas said, "The new super material, will make every sports enthusiast into a product designer. What is to keep up with the latest fashion trends, or to meet the needs stadium, by the wearer decide future Football fans will never wear the old shoes. " In order to increase the selling point, as well as boost the market excitement, Adidas is recycled in world football superstar Leo? Macy's old football boots, old boots and then fight the new boots. According to reports, this research project in Germany, and has received the support of EU funds. Three-year project will be time-consuming. Earlier reports said, Nike, Adidas embrace 3D printing technology. They use this technology at an unprecedented rate, making a variety of prototype models. Nike executives said innovation ?????, as the American Professional Football Nike athletes developed a new shoe, and the use of 3D technology significantly accelerates the development process. 3D printer makes these sports shoe manufacturer in the design, modify the prototype shoes much faster than before, labor costs are much lower. For example, Adidas told the Financial Times, it is now manufacturing one pair of shoes just one to two days a prototype, and the original will need four to six weeks, the production of prototype shoes to reduce staff from 12 to 2 people. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Rarely have the opportunity to introduce boots on KENLU, but this time with PUMA borrowed is two interesting styles, with some Ducati style materials feel, and a little future cat elements (this pair of shoes recently because of Aaron Kwok with fame), always felt boots is a very magical style, their own it is not in the opportunity, often to see all the female boots display in the department store on the first floor can, this phenomenon will never appear on top of shoes! The boy is wearing sneakers for short feet look longer, but it is love girls wearing high boots to the foot of a modified type, one way.Adidas Stan Smith Cracked Leather "White/Red" Author: blank upload on 2015-2-11 09:47:20 read: 124 recommendation: 0 reply: 0 categories: SNK tide shoes informationBbsImg139057797999497_600_450.jpg (21.52 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:06 upload Portland in the game against Portland, Ty Lawson NIKEiD PE in planning new shoes, called "lights out" Zoom Soldier VII PE. Black shoes with yellow and light blue decorative details, a symbol of Lawson training to the golf course lights out every night. I do not know if you have love for this NIKEiD? Love friends go to a bar. NIKEiD! VIA Adidas's Y-3 series has always been a leading fashion brand, its avant-garde design always let Nike catch up. Now specified in Kith shop listing new shoes Adidas Y-3 Qasa B-Ball is a typical representative of this shoe in last year's Qasa High on the basis of improved, and with the unique material and the bottom, the avant-garde design makes the whole shoes available will be the influx of people love does not release the foot "" the new darling. item: Y3M22005 adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-01-570x424.jpg (39.09 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-02-570x378.jpg (29.16 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-03-570x378.jpg (32.45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-04-570x378.jpg (29.02 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-05-570x378.jpg (33.06 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-06-570x378.jpg (33.7 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload adidas-y-3-qasa-b-ball-07-570x378.jpg (34.54 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 17:04 upload