The rivers of Southern Aveyron have, like the Tarn, the Cernon and the Sorgues rivers a good reputation, but the jewel is definitely the Dourbie River.

The Dourbie has its source in the Mount Aulas (1200 metres high), in the Mount Aigoual massif. It flows trough the Atlantic side of Cévennes, digs its bed in granite, then in schist, arrives on modern alluvial deposits, made of clay and limestone, and receives the waters of the Durzon River (a karstic reappearance).

Once in Nant, the Dourbie goes through the Grand Causses’ calcareous rocks that were shaped and turned into very steep gorges which separate the "Causse Noir" and the "Causse du Larzac". Then, it flows into the Tarn in Millau, after a course of seventy-kilometres.

The calcareous nature of the river makes the trouts population high and with a good density all through the river course. The Dourbie River is looked upon as the ultimate river for fly fishing, well-known for the limpidity of the water that makes the trouts extremely suspicious, especially in summertime.

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